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The following are opinions posted by various golf publications and individuals. All have used The Club Caddy before posting their comments and no one was paid or compensated in any manner for their review or comments.

Hooked On Golf/ The Club Caddy Keeps Your Grips Dry
     If you only knew how many golf gadgets I have in my house. It is tough to pick which one I'll try out each day I go to the course. With all the rain here lately...   more     

Addicted2Golf / Review: CLUB CADDY 
     I have to admit that I greeted the Club Caddy with more than a bit of skepticism. Don't get me wrong-my friends will attest that I love to try new gadgets.    

Rub of the Green
/ Product Review: The Club Caddy
Did you ever come across something. a tool, gadget, whatever, and said to yourself, "why didn't I think of that?"  That's exactly what happened to me the first time I saw The Club Caddy.  more

Golf Stuff Review / The Club Caddy winner of the Fore Inventors Only, contest on the Golf Channel     
     The Club Caddy is a plastic, spring-loaded clip that, when attached to a golf club just above the hosel, forms a tripod. The product has two main benefits in my view.  more

Boomer Golf News / Say goodbye to soggy grips/by Peter Blias
     Spring showers mean "cart path only" policies in much of the country for the first few months of golf season.    more 

The Hackers Paradise / Club Caddy 
     Finally a practical golf accessory that you can use! The club caddy is a lightweight device that prevents club grips from getting wet from water on the course.  more  
 PGA Tour Partners product review : 7.8 out of 10 rating. The Club Caddy as a WINNER!  Nearly 8 out of 10 players love it! Below are some direct comments from a few of the testers at PGA Tour Partners,average players just like you and I.

"At first, I thought the club caddy would be too bothersome to use.  I quickly decided that it was very helpful especially when playing cart path only or when the grass was wet.  I especially liked the fact that my clubs were very visible when I exited the green".

This is one of those items that you hit yourself on the head and say "this is so simple and effective, why didn't I think of it"! What a great idea!

"This is the one golfing accessory that is a MUST HAVE for anyone who uses a golf cart, and has to carry multiple clubs from cart to green. It performs better than advertised, and I used it on uneven ground, and in winds at 20+mph and gusts to 35 mph with no problem. No more wet club grips, and the clubs are easy to pick up without bending over".

"I highly recommend this product because I, like most golfers, spent alot of money upgrading my grips to good leather ones. The Club Caddy saves my clubs from getting dirty and contaminated from laying on the grass. Plus my back feels the relief from bending over constantly to pick up my clubs, especially after 14 or 15 holes. I love my Club Caddy"!!



"The ability to keep the grips dry on your clubs around the green, has been a constant problem, but having this product solved that one very wet morning. You can only use one club at a time and when laying down just one club on a wet morning can ruin your round, but having this product solves having to carry a towel, it solves you having to bend over and keep picking up your clubs. It is a no brainer to have this product hanging from your bag. I plan on buying one for a fellow golfer, before his birthday".

"This is probably the coolest product I've ever seen on a golf course.  Why didn't someone dream this up years ago"?

"One of the best things to come along in a While. Priced reasonably and is easy to use".

Friends I'll keep posting more new comments from PGA Tour Partners members as time goes by. If anyone cares to have the members names and members#, please email me at and I'll be happy to send them to you.

So don't take my word for it. With our Satisfaction Guarantee you've got nothing to lose and you just might find the best golf gadget you've ever owned!

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